*** Rules are Tentative and Subject to Change ***


  • No Fuel is allowed to be brought inside the building.  Fueling must be done in the fueling area only.
  • Any team reserving a pit stall in advance, will be required to also reserve power. 
  • All trailers must be unhooked.  Transporters of any kind must be removed from the building
  • No Generators inside the building
  • No ATV’s, UTV’s, Mules, Pit Bikes or other vehicles. (Electric scooters or bikes will be allowed at the discretion of event management – Tentative & Subject to change)
  • No Fuel allowed inside building.  Must be stored in outside storage area at fueling lane. 
  • Engines can only be fired on schedule provide by staff onsite.
  • No Pets
  • Mufflers are Required (No inserts)  Turn Down Exhausts are prohibited.
  • Alcohol inside the pit area is prohibited
  • Marking floors is prohibited
  • Oil & Fluids need to be properly disposed (Do not put in trash cans)
  • Tires cannot be left behind (Take your own used tires and clean up grooved tire mess)
  • NO HOT PITS.  All racing at the dome does not have a hot pit or work area.
  • Engines On & Off procedures must be followed.  No firing engines unless specifically stated.
  • Driver apparel.  Competitors are allowed to sell their own apparel items.  Contact info@gatewaydirt.com for approval and to complete an official vendor form.  A maximum 10′ x 20′ space for each driver in the concourse will be allowed.  
  • Rules are always tentative & subject to change.  Event management reserves the right to make additional rules or changes at their discretion.


SUPER LATE MODEL RULES – Based on 2020 DirtCar Rules – CLICK HERE

SLM TIRES – Hoosier LM 20 with LM 40 RR option. Grooving & Siping permitted.

**Tentative & Subject to Change** 



**Tentative & Subject to Change** 



** Tentative & Subject to Change **

  • Right and Left side cockpit body panels may be a maximum of thirty-six (36) inches high as measured from the bottom frame tube at rear motor plate and projected rearward twenty-three (23) inches with a minimum eight (8) inches vertical opening from the afore mentioned point forward, including side visor
  • Side visors on roll cage will be limited to eight (8) inches tall.
  • Panels attached to nerf bars will not be permitted.
  • All paneling must not extend past edge of frame rails more than thickness of material.
  • One (1”) inch turnout allowed on all body and sail panel edges, except sun visor.
  • The number of allowable wheels is restricted to two (2) front wheels and two (2) rear wheels on each car. Use of anything other than a wheel and tire assembly is prohibited.
  • Teams running multiple cars with identical numbers, a letter is required on each vehicle. Letters must be a minimum of 7 inches tall and must clearly accompany the car’s number on the tail tank. The number on the nose piece must also have the corresponding letter. Each car letter must be of a different contrasting color. Car number and letter combination must be legible from the Scorer’s Stand.
  • TIRE RULE – ONLY Hoosier Racing Tires manufactured for midget racing.