Starting in 2022, Pit Entry & Pit Passes are being done different than what has been done in the past. These new requirements are put on us via The Dome at America’s Center. Stand alone Weekend Pit Passes are only available to Competitors & Teams. The General Public wanting a Pit Pass are required to purchase a Reserved Seat through Ticketmaster and then upgrade that Seat to a Pit Pass. Please read the below information carefully as it is VERY important that you understand.


Each team will receive EIGHT Pit Pass Purchase coupons at check in. Children will be included in these limited 8 passes. You will pick up an envelope at parking check in with your 8 Pit Pass Purchase coupons. Driver’s are REQUIRED to be the ones picking up these Pit Pass Purchase Coupons unless you notify us with another trustworthy name via text at (314) 786-2636. You will then distribute these accordingly to whomever (yourself/team/family). To then purchase a Weekend Pit Pass you will present the Pit Pass Purchase Coupon ONLY AT the Event Registration Office across from the Holiday Inn on 9th St. Once you have redeemed all of your Pit Pass Purchase Coupons, your team and anyone else will be required to purchase a Reserved Seat and then upgrade to a Pit pass. The Pit Pass Purchase Coupons can be used to purchase a 2 or 3 Day Pit Pass, it is not limited to a 3 day. There will be a Competitor Seating Area where you are able to sit to watch the races. These sections are limited to only Competitors and Teams (Sections: 151, 152, 153, 101,102,103).


3 DAY ADULT: $160

3 DAY CHILD: (10 and younger): $80

2 DAY ADULT: $110

2 DAY CHILD: (10 and younger): $55